Varicose Veins Treatment - Sarapy Clinic

Eliminating varicose veins with outpatient laser treatment sounds like science fiction. However, it’s actually a proven, noninvasive, and virtually painless means of removing spider veins and varicose veins with a very short recovery time. Better yet, prevailing methods have only improved since laser treatment first became popular a couple decades ago, and today’s advanced procedures have become both more common and affordable, making it an all around superior alternative to surgical procedures.

So, what is laser vein treatment for varicose veins, and how does it work? First, it’s helpful to understand why varicose veins appear in the first place.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins appear when weak blood vessels near the skin’s surface break down to the point that blood pools in and around the vein. Valves inside the veins that are supposed to prevent blood from moving backwards fail to do so, so that not all the blood pumping through them flows back to the heart. This causes the blood to stagnate, and the veins to swell up.

Because these veins are shallow, just under the skin, the backup of blood may be visible on the skin’s surface, causing unsightly bumps and discoloration. The good news is, since these veins are superficial, they wind up being easier to treat.

How does laser treatment work

Laser treatment for varicose veins uses pulsing, concentrated light waves to coagulate the blood stagnating within the vessel. The laser used to treat varicose veins operates at a wavelength that will harmlessly pass through the skin and other tissues surrounding the vein, and impact only the blood.

Once the blood has coagulated, it effectively closes off the superficial vein. The blood that would normally travel through it routes to other, deeper vessels, and the body absorbs the defunct vein as part of its natural healing process.

How effective is treatment?

Depending on the size and scope of the varicose veins or spider veins being treated, the appearance of these swollen vessels may be completely eliminated in one treatment. Larger and deeper networks of varicose veins may require two or three separate treatments to completely eradicate them.

However, since these treatments require no incision or other wounds, they will not require bandages, or even compression to heal. Patients leave treatment ready to continue with their normal routine, other than a suggestion to stay out of the sun to avoid uneven tanning while the body heals, and a possible need for moisturizer.

While side effects may include minor burns and redness, this will subside within a couple of days. In some cases the varicose veins may initially appear more pronounced, but they will quickly start to fade, and will disappear entirely in as little as two weeks. Beyond that, they will be nothing but a dim memory.

What kind of laser vein treatment does Sarapy Clinic use?

People seeking laser vein treatment for varicose veins in San Diego will find one of the most advanced and painless options available from Sarapy Clinic. We use Coolglide Vein Treatment by Cutera. Just like it sounds, the Cutera device glides over the skin, with as much ease as an ultrasound wand. Contact Sarapy Clinic to find out just how easy and convenient this treatment can be!