Which Type of Hormone Replacement Therapy is Right For Me? | SarapyAs estrogen hormone replacement therapy has gained in popularity, manufacturers have found more ways of delivering the hormone to suit different needs. Today, there are several types of hormone replacement therapies that control the release of estrogen into a woman’s body as well as how it impacts her organs.

At Sarapy Clinic, we will consult with you to determine which hormone replacement therapy, or combination of therapies, will be most effective for you. Let’s take a look at the options.

Estrogen Pills

Estrogen pills are the most common form of HRT. Your doctor will prescribe your estrogen dosage and you will take a pill every morning. Estrogen pills have been studied at length and are generally the most concentrated form of estrogen you can take, making them effective at reducing symptoms quickly.

Estrogen Patches

Patches have become one of the more popular types of hormone therapy, simply due to their convenience. There are many different brands available. You simply apply the patch and then remove and replace it at the end of the week. Some women may be directed to change their patch twice per week for a higher dosage.

Patches are a good solution for women who are concerned about forgetting to take a pill on a regular basis. They also level out the release of estrogen into the blood stream so you don’t experience any peaks and valleys.


Hormone implants are growing in popularity. The implant is a tiny nodule that is placed just beneath your skin and it releases estrogen over the course of six months. Once it runs out, you will begin to see signs of menopause returning, and your doctor can place a new implant.

To keep hormone levels balanced, your doctor may place the new implant before the old one has completely run out, or your doctor may put you on an estrogen patch for a week or two between implants to make sure your body is still reacting appropriately to the hormone.

Topical Treatments

Some companies have released topical lotions or gels that can be applied directly to the skin to receive your estrogen dosage. These products are relatively new and have not been studied at length. Depending on the lotion in question, you will be directed to apply a small amount of the topical treatment to your legs, arms or other body parts, allowing the estrogen to absorb into the skin.

Sarapy Clinic

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