2017 New Year Resolutions Weight Goals - Sarapy Clinic

Post holiday weight loss goals are on a lot of people’s’ minds this time of year, and many of us won’t follow through. However, if weight loss is your New Year’s resolution, adding a little structure to your resolution will help you see it through.  Try these 10 new year’s’ resolutions tips for weight loss.

Set practical goals

It’s definitely important to have a target weight in mind, but putting all of your focus on the end goal can make the weight loss process frustrating, which will make it harder of you to stay the course. Incremental goals are like rungs on the ladder — each one gets you closer to the top.

Plan Ahead

Improvisation can be the enemy of will power, so one of the best tips for weight loss is to set a plan and abide by it. Plan your meals, and apportion them accordingly. Shop ahead to make sure you have what you need (and only what you need) so you may reduce the number of grocery trips that might overstock your fridge.

Have patience

Bear in mind, the first few weeks of your weight loss plan will be the hardest, but don’t be deterred. Psychologists suggest it takes three weeks for your weight loss regimen to become a habit, and up to six months to become a lasting part of your routine. Keep this in mind when your early weight loss efforts are slow going.

Get others involved

There’s no need to do this by yourself. Tell those close to you of your goals, and benefit from the support they give. Just knowing they’re there, encouraging success, can strengthen your resolve. You’re doing this for yourself, but your friends and family will be happy to cheer you on!

Stay motivated

Tough moments are almost unavoidable when you’re trying to lose weight. Try to remember, these moments are temporary! You might experience cravings in addition to hunger, you might feel too tired to exercise, and a little voice in your head may try to tell you it’s all too hard to continue. Let the moment pass, and remind yourself that you have made the resolution to see this weight loss through. You really can do it!

Document your progress

Track your momentum to remind yourself the effort you’re putting in, and to record the results. Keep a food journal to document each meal you eat, how you felt afterwards, and how it contributed to your weight loss goals. This makes it easier to visualize your forward progress.

Reward benchmark goals

Plan a few personal rewards as you hit your incremental targets. This doesn’t mean baking yourself a cake when you lose five pounds! Rather than a food reward, promise yourself a new purchase, or take yourself to a movie or concert. As you progress, escalate the rewards. For example, when you hit the goal of dropping a size, celebrate by getting yourself a new pair of jeans!

Prepare for success

Put yourself in the mindset that this is going to happen. Visualize yourself at your target weight, and start looking forward to the benefits you’ll enjoy. They might be better fitting clothes, a more active lifestyle, or an overall healthier outlook. It might take some time, but there’s really nothing stopping your success.

Don’t let setbacks deter you

Seeing no change or adding weight one week doesn’t mean you’ve failed. These momentary lapses might slow down your success rate, but they don’t predict your outcome. Determine what slowed you down, and set a realistic aim for the following week to get back on track.

Look forward to next year’s resolution!

A lot can happen in a year, and when the next New Year comes around, your circumstances may be entirely different. Maybe you’ll set a new target weight, or maybe you’ll resolve to exercise more. Imagining what you’ll commit yourself to next year will strengthen your resolve right now. Count on it.