Most Common Myths About Laser Hair Removal - Sarapy“Where can I get laser hair removal?”

Do you want laser hair removal San Diego locals trust? Whether during beach season or any time of the year, the best hair removal La Jolla has to offer is at the nearby Sarapy Clinic. The experts with Dr. Sarah have helped women and men of all ages remove unwanted hair. Let’s look at five myths about laser permanent hair removal San Diego locals often hear:

“Laser Hair Removal is Too Uncomfortable”

Depending on where you need hair removed, you may receive 30 to 40 gentle taps with a laser in a single session. However, you are unlikely to actually feel more than a handful of these.

The sensation of the laser is strongly related to the thickness and darkness of the hair. When sensitive areas are being treated, a topical numbing cream is used to practically eliminate all sensation.

“Laser Hair Removal Takes a Long Time”

Laser hair removal is unlikely to take more than 20 minutes per session, even for the very first session in a very hairy area. As you continue to get treatment, each session will be faster and faster. This is because the laser targets areas that are in an active growth cycle. By the time you are almost done, it will take only a few minutes. You can get back to your routine right away.

“Hair Can Grow Back After Laser Treatments”

Laser hair removal leads to 90 percent hair removal within five or six sessions and is generally permanent. The laser cannot target white hairs – these lack the pigmentation that the laser locks onto.

If you experience significant hormonal changes, then these hairs can develop into full, dark hairs. This confuses some people into thinking that there has been hair regrowth – which is usually impossible.

“Laser Hair Removal Can Cause Scarring”

Laser hair removal almost never causes any problems with the surface of the skin. It is crucial that the patient not lay out to tan or use a tanning bed in the week before a laser hair treatment, however. You should also tell your laser specialist about any recent medications or illnesses.

“Laser Hair Removal is Too Expensive”

with Dr. Sarah, laser hair removal is effective and affordable. Because it is permanent, laser is a better solution for hair removal needs than any “over the counter” treatment. Waxing and other spa treatments might look good right away, but they have to be repeated every few weeks to maintain results. Laser is far more economical.

Why not enjoy a permanent solution to unwanted hair woes? The Sarapy Clinic is the hair removal clinic San Diego trusts. Come in for services today.