Vanquish Fat Removal

Vanquish in San Diego

Vanquish Fat Removal in San Diego - Sarapy ClinicThe Vanquish fat reduction treatment is an amazing new approach to eliminating stubborn body fat. It is effective on a wide range of locations throughout the body and it is totally non-invasive. In fact, not even the Vanquish equipment itself ever touches your skin during the procedure.

Vanquish Fat Reduction: A Revolutionary Fat-Busting Treatment near San Diego

Vanquish is part of a new generation of radio frequency (RF) treatments for deep-heating fat deposits under the skin. Using a specialized, FDA-approved device, it evenly distributes heat from RF radiation into the fat, causing it to be destroyed. It is excellent for stubborn areas of fat that tend to react slowly – or not at all – to ordinary diet and exercise.

Vanquish Fat Removal System FAQs

Who is a good candidate for Vanquish?

Any healthy San Diegan aged 18 or older is a potential candidate for Vanquish. It is a highly effective treatment for freeing the body from difficult fat deposits. As a result, most patients are people who have already seen limited results with diet and exercise but want to sculpt the body further.

What areas of the body can be treated?

Vanquish is typically used around the waistline and stomach areas. Ongoing treatment can lead to loss of two to three inches in the waist. This makes it a great supplement to any weight loss you have already achieved. In the future, Vanquish may be available for other parts of the body.

How long is a typical San Diego Vanquish session?

Most people schedule one 30-minute treatment once a week for about four weeks.

How should I prepare for the Vanquish fat treatment?

There’s no downtime and no recovery period after a Vanquish treatment, so most people can fit it into their schedule easily. That said, it is important to remain hydrated both before and after the procedure. This helps the body to more effectively process and remove the treated fat.

What does treatment feel like?

During the treatment process, no equipment ever comes into direct contact with the patient’s body. There is no discomfort involved. Most people report a warm sensation similar to standing near a radiator. For many patients, this is actually quite pleasant.

When can I expect results?

You will usually begin to notice results within just a few hours of your initial treatment. Some patients are completely satisfied after just one treatment, but most will continue on to a full set of four. Complete results are visible a few days after your final treatment.

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Sarapy Clinic is proud to be one of the first to bring the amazing new Vanquish technique to locations in La Jolla, and near San Diego’s surrounding communities. To find out more or to set your own consultation appointment, please contact Sarapy Clinic Internal Medicine today.