Hair Removal or Electrolysis in San Diego - Best Option for You - Sarapy ClinicIf you’re searching for the best hair removal San Diego residents go back to again and again, the Sarapy Clinic has the right options for you. When it comes to permanent hair removal San Diego trusts, there are two main choices: Laser hair removal or electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal San Diego Can Count On

“Where can I get laser hair removal?”

The answer is right here with Dr. Sarah. Laser is a fast, effective hair removal method that is appropriate for most clients. In this treatment, a specialized medical laser is used to target the pigment in the unwanted hair. The ultra-precise laser damages the hair follicle, which causes it to fall out – making it impossible for hair to regrow in the treated area.

Laser can reduce hair coverage by up to 90 percent within five or six treatments. Results are permanent, though hormonal changes and some medications can cause dormant hairs to become dark and full, which may require further treatment in the future. Like electrolysis, laser can only be used on hair that is currently in an active growth cycle.

Because of this, treatments are typically spaced four to six weeks apart.

Laser treatment tends to be very fast. Treatment on a man’s neck or back might take only about 15 or 20 minutes. Treatment in smaller areas takes as few as five minutes. When sensitive areas are treated, numbing cream can be used to curb unwanted sensations. Sensation depends on how thick and dark the hair is, but most laser “zaps” produce a barely noticeable sensation.

Want Electrolysis San Diego Locals Can Trust for the Beach?

Electrolysis permanent hair removal is a powerful but time-consuming method. Electrolysis sessions are intended to treat smaller areas, and therefore are very inexpensive compared to laser. However, sessions do take longer: Treating the eyebrows might take a half hour.

Compared to laser, electrolysis might sting a little bit more.

Electrolysis is FDA approved for permanent hair removal, unlike laser, which is intended for significant hair reduction. Electrolysis has the ability to target and eliminate gray hairs that don’t have any pigment. Electrolysis is also more effective for clients with dark complexions.

When you’re looking for the electrolysis hair removal San Diego prefers, this is the best method for ensuring hair is 100 percent gone. Electrolysis is appropriate for people who cannot use laser for a variety of reasons. You should consult a hair removal expert before choosing your method.

For the Hair Removal Clinic San Diego Raves About, Visit Sarapy Clinic

Why not benefit from the best electrolysis hair removal around? Sarapy Clinic makes it easy to enjoy electrolysis or laser according to your hair removal needs. Learn more or set your appointment today.