Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe? - Sarapy Clinic San DiegoAs we age, our bodies become less efficient at managing the hormones that keep us healthy. Over time, this can lead to significant hormonal imbalances, such as the case of menopause in women over the age of 50.

The symptoms of hormonal imbalance are unpredictable and can impact everything from the health of your skin to your moods and weight gain. Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy has become a useful means of correcting hormonal imbalances and reducing symptoms of menopause and other hormone related illnesses.

But is Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

Numerous studies have been released, dating back to the 1970s, taking sides on the issue of hormone replacement therapy. For the most part, studies reveal that HRT is the single most effective means of helping women manage menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and reestablishing a healthy sex drive.

Several studies, dating as recently as 2002, suggested HRT could increase your risk of breast cancer. After further research, scientists reworked the formulas used in HRT to include progestin, which greatly reduces those risks.

Other researchers are quick to note that the 2002 studies were flawed in their execution and that the increased risk of stroke and breast cancer cannot be directly tied to HRT, but rather to environmental factors.

Today, many doctors – including Dr. Sarah Ghayouri with Dr. Sarah – are now informing patients that hormone therapy is indeed safe and reliable to treat hormonal imbalances.

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Works

Some women are concerned that pumping themselves full of estrogen at an advanced age will have negative health effects. Certainly many women post-50 aren’t all that interested in returning to the sex drive of their 20-year-old selves. Modern hormone therapy is nothing so drastic!

Instead, you will be given very small doses of different hormones over time. This will bring your body back into balance without flooding your body with chemicals.

The use of bio-identical hormones means the products being used will naturally replicate your body’s own hormones to ensure they can be absorbed effectively and put to use. The goal is simply to undo any drastic hormonal imbalances, not to reverse time.

Where to Get HRT

If you are looking for HRT in San Diego, the Sarapy Clinic has a wide range of available options. You can schedule a consultation today to discuss your symptoms with Dr. Ghayouri and she will determine exactly what kind of treatment to recommend for your individual case and how to manage your symptoms for a more comfortable passage through menopause.