The Ultimate Aging and Sun Damaged Skin Treatment in San Diego

Once you enter your 40s, you may wonder what happened to the youthful glow and flawless complexion that you took for granted during your younger years. Advertisements boast about many products that will help restore younger-looking skin. Too often these products make little — if any — difference on your skin but still take a big chunk out of your wallet. Fortunately, there are treatments that are quite effective in providing you with younger-looking and better-feeling skin. IPL Photo Genesis is one of the skin-tightening laser treatments that can help your skin look rejuvenated and provide you with a more youthful appearance. Whether you have spent most of your life neglecting your skin or have consistently used a healthy skin care regimen, this procedure can help turn back the hands of time and resolve skin issues that are a result of sun damage and the aging process.

What is IPL?

The IPL acronym stands for intense pulsed light. This is a fast and painless laser procedure that is very effective in rejuvenating your skin. The procedure doesn’t require anesthesia or for you to take pain medication. The results show up very quickly — typically within one to three weeks — and the procedure works well for both men and women. The IPL Photo Genesis procedure usually resolves your skin issues within one to three treatments. Sessions generally last about an hour, and the professional can target several problem areas on your skin during the session.

What Skin Problems Does the Laser Help?

The IPL Photo Genesis laser uses special wavelengths of light to target specific problems on your face and other areas of the body that suffer from sun damage, such as your chest, hands, and arms. The treatment helps improve your skin tone and remove redness. It also helps remove those unsightly age spots that are caused by years of sun damage. The laser procedure is also quite effective at improving any telangiectasia that may appear on your cheeks, around your nose area. These are tiny veins that prevent your skin from looking its best. Many women avoid going without foundation simply because of these tiny veins.

Other skin issues that skin-tightening laser procedures help resolve are freckles, a mottled complexion and acne scars that may have been making you feel self-conscious for years.

How Does the Laser Treatment Work?

The IPL Photo Genesis laser treatment works by targeting problem areas of your face and other skin with a beam of light. The laser gently removes the layers of skin that are damaged by the sun or the aging process. This results in your skin producing new skin cells to replace the old, damaged layers. Once the new skin forms, your facial skin and other treated areas will appear tighter and more youthful. As an added bonus, your self-esteem will soar!

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