couple on the beach being romantic Many people joke around that marriage and long-term relationships kill off passion in the bedroom, but your comfort level in a relationship isn’t what leads to so-called bed death. Instead, lower testosterone levels could be to blame for decreased libido and overall mood. You might hear that this is a natural part of the aging process, but with testosterone replacement therapy, you don’t have to suffer from these two frustrating symptoms of low hormone levels.

Instead, your body gets the testosterone it needs to complement the hormones your body is naturally producing. Here are the quality of life improvements you can expect from male hormone replacement therapy from Sarapy Clinic in La Jolla.

Mood Improvements

Since it’s difficult to detect low hormone levels when they first start dropping off, you could forget about how you used to feel when you were younger. You might attribute consistent bad moods to the stress and frustration of life, demands at work or other aspects of your lifestyle.

In fact, you may end up going through treatment for depression or anxiety in these situations, even if the cause stems from low testosterone levels rather than other chemical imbalances.

Your mood affects every aspect of your life, from the success you can achieve at work to your ability to accomplish your personal goals. When you find yourself feeling down all the time and nothing serves to change it, you are in a situation where testosterone replacement therapy could help immensely.

You end up having more “up” days than down days, and it’s easier to recover from the bad days that you do end up encountering. Your motivation comes back, so it’s easier to hold yourself to your New Year’s resolutions or other goals. You’re happier, you’re more confident, and people enjoy your company a lot more than before.

Over time, you’ll see just how significantly low testosterone affected your mood. It’s hard to have an outside perspective when you’re in the middle of the situation, but hindsight is 20/20.

Get Your Libido Back

Losing your libido leads to countless problems no matter what your age is. It’s hard to maintain quality relationships if you’re unable to perform in the bedroom. Intimacy and sexual compatibility are huge in nearly every relationship, and women have a sexual peak that often comes in their 30s or 40s.

It’s ironic that this occurs when lower testosterone levels start. Dissatisfaction and a mismatch of libido can cause arguments and even breakups. It’s not like you can “fake it” as easily as a woman can, so you can’t even force yourself to perform to make your partner happy.

Testosterone replacement therapy can help you get your libido back when low hormone levels are your body’s primary issue.

Sexual attraction and function are tied into many systems in your body, so this is not a cure-all treatment for every cause, but it can certainly help you get back to where you’d like to be if it’s related to testosterone.

Don’t let low hormones get in the way of living a full and happy life. You might not realize that low testosterone is to blame for your poor mood and low libido, but once you know, it’s time to make a change. Start on the path to a better libido and mood by contacting Sarapy Clinic in San Diego today!