Beach Body Ready in San Diego with Sarapy ClinicSummer is almost here, and that means it’s time to head to the beach! Of course, many people find they want a little extra something to help them look their best in a swimsuit. It’s never too early or too late to visit the Sarapy Clinic for safe, effective cosmetic and internal medicine that will help you look great.

Some of our most popular treatments include:

San Diego Medical Weight Loss

Maybe you didn’t quite keep that New Year’s resolution to drop the pounds you gained over the holidays, but with beach season coming up fast you still want to look your very best in your new swimsuit. Medical weight loss can help you reach your goals quickly.

Medical weight loss under appropriate supervision has helped many people in similar situations. For the medical weight loss San Diego trusts, look no further than the Sarapy Clinic.

Laser Hair Removal in San Diego

If you’ve dipped your freshly-shaven legs in the ocean, you know the unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling of seawater razor burn. Why bother with shaving and razor burn at all when laser hair removal can remove unwanted hair permanently.

Does laser hair removal work? Yes! Laser removes unwanted hair in a matter of just minutes. After a handful of treatments spaced a few weeks apart, unwanted hair can be removed from virtually any part of the body. Patients have successfully used it for arms, legs, chest, armpits, bikini line and much more. We have the laser hair removal San Diego loves!

San Diego Laser Vein Treatment

Lasers can work wonders on unwanted hair and they can also eliminate unsightly veins, including those on the legs – and that’s just what you need for bikini season.

Laser treatment for varicose veins is fast and effective. Unlike other approaches to problem veins, laser treatment removes the risk of common complications. It only takes one brief treatment for the body to naturally collapse and heal varicose veins.

San Diego Botox for Wrinkles

While you’re getting your body in great shape for summer, don’t forget your face! Botox can reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles, so you can be confident you are putting your best face forward in your swimsuit and everything else you wear beneath your smile.

Experts estimate Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the United States. For great San Diego Botox, the Sarapy Clinic has you covered. A single Botox treatment takes only a few minutes and can produce immediate reduction in wrinkles by paralyzing the underlying muscles. Results can last through beach season!

Acne Laser Treatment in San Diego

If acne scars are preventing your face from looking its best on the beach or out on the town in San Diego, advanced laser treatment can help you get rid of even the most stubborn scars. Our laser treatment for acne scars is suitable for people of all ages and can work with a wide variety of complexions. We’ve treated hundreds of patients with skin care issues and we can help you.

Sarapy Clinic Located in La Jolla, SD

Everyone wants to look and feel their best on the beach, so why let another swimsuit season go by with anything less? Dr. Sarah K. Ghayouri is one of Southern California’s top internists and the only experienced medical professional offering a full line of laser, medical weight loss and Botox treatments to San Diego area residents.

Don’t wait any longer! Get ready for the summer beach season by contacting Sarapy Clinic today.