Sarah is an internal medicine doctor specializing in:
hormone therapy
medical weight loss
anti-aging treatments and dermatology

Dr. Sarah practices preventative medicine. She strives to keep patients healthy and prevent the chronic diseases and conditions that affect adults as they age.

Sarah Ghayouri MD FACP

American Board of Internal Medicine

American Academy of Anti-Aging
and Regenerative Medicine

Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla

Internal Medicine Doctor

Schedule your appointment in advance and Doctor Sarah will come to your home or office. She accepts new patients 15 years and older. Doctor Sarah is an internal medicine physician expert in hormone therapy, medical weight loss, and anti-aging treatments to make you look healthier.

Concierge Doctor

For those desiring 24/7 immediate care, Doctor Sarah can also serve as your concierge doctor who is”on call” 24/7 for a monthly fee. Just call her cell phone to get medical advice, or have the doctor come as soon as possible to your home or business or to get prescriptions.

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